Our Programme


The 2013-14 school year celebrates Treasure Garden Preschool’s first year! As such, we look forward with great enthusiasm to a successful year and will enjoy sharing this pre-school experience with you and your child.

Treasure Garden is a pre-school that seeks to provide a proper and exceptional education to children between the ages of 18 months to 5 years old. Our philosophy of education here at Treasure Garden centers around “play”. Play is the most complete educational process of the mind. This allows the development of the “whole” child, that is, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically, and facilitates the natural unfolding of each child’s potential. In return, your child will experience a growing sense of self-worth and a personal joy in learning.

Your child will learn by exploring and experiencing open-ended art projects, stories, songs, games, music, dramatic play, free play, outdoor play and circle time.

Our curriculum meets the Cayman Islands Early Education Childhood Unit’s standards. We have also decided to use additional approaches that we believe will be of great help to enhance children’s education, such as the British National Curriculum.

The depth and extent of the curriculum are appropriately adjusted by age level, and include the exploration of:

  • Letters and numerals: how they are shaped differently, how letters have different sounds and how they are put together to form words; how different numerals should different amounts.
  • Shapes, Colors and Sounds: through activities such as matching, patterning, graphing and charting.
  • Science and Math: hands-on learning by measuring, weighing, estimating, counting and experimenting.
  • Language Skills: through stories, songs, poems, guessing and acting out.
  • Social skills appropriate to each stage of development